Gadfly checks in

Gadfly’s attention has of necessity turned in-house lately, so original content will probably be lean for a while. But he invites your posts. ‘Tis a good time for followers — especially those who might now have some time on their hands — to grace our pages with their thoughts or pictures.

“Good conversation builds community.”


Keeping up to date on COVID-19:

  • The City web site has lots of info.
  • I’ve been getting a daily email update from the City, I think because I signed up here.
  • Also a regular email from Senator Boscola, sign up here.
  • Pennsylvania state web sites here and here.
  • Bernie O’Hare’s Lehigh Valley Ramblings has been providing good info.


April 2, 2020 Bethlehem EAC Meeting

The EAC meeting scheduled for April 2nd at 7:00 pm will NOT be held in person at Illick’s Mill.

We will convene the meeting with remote access by phone or computer. We hope that you will join us!

To join the meeting via computer, click the following link: (map)

To join the meeting via phone: Dial 301-715-8592 

At the prompt enter Meeting ID: 780 513 887 #

 Organizer: Elisabeth Cichonski. Please email if you encounter any problems.


Brief notes:

  • The great Bethlehem Area Public Library reminds us of their substantial online resources still available for our use.
  • Gadfly #1 Stephen Antalics writes: “I strongly urge all to listen to the first movement ONLY of the fourth symphony of Carl Nielson entitled “The Inextinguishable” for it depicts the fear, chaos, confusion, turmoil and the unknown that we all are experiencing together today.  But the movement ends with a glimmer of hope.  Have faith, endure and be together for, as in the music, all this will pass. P.S. It can be found on youtube.”
  • Good news in the Bethlehem Food Co-Op newsletter: “We are getting closer to finalizing our home! We have signed a letter of intent on a site in the north Bethlehem downtown and have begun the legal paperwork negotiations necessary before we can finalize the lease arrangements. The board feels confident that we will have some exciting news in the very near future!”

Administrators report on coronavirus

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The City of Bethlehem Coronavirus page

March 17, City Council meeting

Gadfly didn’t go to last night’s City Council meeting, but like a couple dozen others he watched on the livestream.

It was a good meeting.

Gadfly has made a “modest proposal” or two along the way about city administrators appearing and reporting at City Council meetings on a staggered schedule so that we could get to know them better.

It’s nice to have a face and a voice to go along with the name of who’s responsible for providing city services. It helps establish trust.

Last night we got to know better two key administrators dealing with the coronavirus emergency: Kristin Wenrich and Bob Novatnack.

They were impressive.

Gadfly suggests you access the archived video of the meeting linked above to hear their reports as well as the good questions from Council members.

And, of course, note the City coronavirus web site page and several pertinent Facebook posts relevant to accommodations relevant to the virus.

Be well–

Dana’s doings

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Continuing to work doing real estate shoots; performing duties as secretary-treasurer for local non-profit — all electronically; taking rare assignments for Bethlehem Press (will pop in on City council meeting tonight for that and visit Main Street for possible photo ops); hiking and biking on D&L Trail and at various parks (my gym is closed); washing hands regularly; carrying hand sanitizer with me; cancelling lunch engagements; spending time on social media to stay in touch; doing photography on my biking/hiking jaunts to post on social media and promote good feelings; and staying in touch with people who are very dear to me. I’m staying away from crowds, reading a little bit more, and enjoying my Gracie cat’s company a lot.

Dana Grubb

What are you up to?

How one neighborhood is handling the coronavirus!

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So how are you spending your time?

What are you doing to cope?

How are you helping others?

Gadfly invites you to share your stories.

For instance:

A follower reports that her block is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a bit of an Italian flair: “We will all stay on our front porches, drinking and singing Irish songs.”


City Council meeting tomorrow night!

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Out of an abundance of caution about the virus, Gadfly will not be attending in person. There goes his chance for the Perfect Attendance award.

Government regulations are changing seemingly by the hour, so look for updates about this meeting tomorrow.

We are not encouraged to attend per this note on the meeting web page:

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we encourage you to watch the meeting on YouTube. 


Our next City Council meeting — the “face” of Bethlehem City government — occurs tomorrow night Tuesday, March 17, Town Hall, at 7PM.

These meetings are video-recorded and can be viewed LIVE or later at your convenience on the City’s website after the meeting at

The YouTube channel for live or archive viewing is “City of Bethlehem Council.”

Find the Council agenda and supporting documents here.

But see here President Waldron’s Saturday communique about modifications in the agenda because of the virus. Reports from City officials on the virus are planned.

And there’s always the unexpected.

As long as he has flutter in his wings, Gadfly will always urge attending City Council live or virtually — one way or the other.

He wants you to participate, to be informed.

But use good judgment during these virus times.

Gadfly is staying home.