If you see John Price, ask him to call home . . . er, The Gadfly

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ref: The Reynolds mailer was a fair mailer that cited facts
ref: The City committee’s evaluation of the Polk developers thought to be “laughable and wrong” (9/6/19)

John Price is a forty-something resident of the forgotten far northeast Bethlehem. He is a computer nerd by day and political wonk and local government follower in the shadows of the night. A socially liberal, fiscal conservative in a world gone mad, he wonders if he is in danger of extinction.


If you see John, ask him to call the Gadfly

A little online investigation suggests that John Price is not a real person. He has what looks like a fake profile set up on Facebook, which clearly has the sole purpose of smearing Dana Grubb. He has no friends, no pictures, and no information suggesting anything about who he is. In case he exists, I would offer a small reward to anyone who can prove it. I really can’t wait to meet him in person. In all of my ten years of attending City Council meetings, I’ve never heard him speak or be referred to by anyone. By letting him post on your blog under a false name, you give his comments the appearance of objectivity. John Price, for all we know, could be Willie Reynolds’ campaign manager. That would explain his on-going efforts to try to justify a wholly inappropriate campaign mailer, and the silly comments in this post about the manner and content of Mr. Grubb’s criticism of current governance in Bethlehem. Anything Mr. Grubb said at a meeting is on the record, and in the minutes, so people can look his comments up themselves if they seriously think that there is something wrong with his much appreciated efforts to challenge bad decisions and demand integrity from elected officials. As someone who has seen Mr. Reynolds mock residents who dare disagree with him, call them “ridiculous” and then rant about how angry he is about their complaints, I find it rather amusing that Mr. Price would liken Mr. Grubb, rather than Mr. Reynolds, to the former president. Mr. Price is only fooling people who don’t pay attention to Bethlehem politics. The only reason for anonymity on your blog is if someone is facing some kind of threat or harm as a consequence of revealing their true identity. I am fully confident that Dana would not affiliate himself with anyone who would do such a thing and, therefore, that Mr. Price is both deceptive and cowardly in hiding behind a false name.

Breena Holland


John Price, crafter of the charming and intriguing Gadfly post byline above, and who recently defended the Reynolds’ mailer that Reynolds’ endorser Lehigh Valley for All termed negative campaigning, suggesting an apology to his opponent Dana Grubb, has been a mystery man to Gadfly followers. His September 2019 post on a Bethlehem Parking Authority controversy stood out so much that followers wanted to find out who he was. From the looks of it, he must be a person close to the controversy. But a John Price was nowhere to be found. Leading to the suspicion that someone was posting under a false identity. As you can see, the suspicion persists. Gadfly doesn’t at all like the idea that he is doing what Breena suggests, so he has reached out to John, twice offering his phone number. So far, John has not responded. If you know John, ask him to text or call the Gadfly, willya?

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