Primary season 2020: but thinking about 2021

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Monthly meeting of the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee tonight.

About the primary.

Got me thinking about the primary.

Not the 2020 primary. But the 2021 primary.

Gadfly thinks 4 current City Council members will be on ballot in 2021: Callahan, Negron, Crampsie Smith, Waldron.

But the big enchilada is the mayoral election.

Councilman Callahan has had occasion twice in recent months during City Council meetings to remind us that Mayor Donchez won’t be in office when certain things come to fruition — and that we don’t know who will be.

Now Mayor Donchez is only in the 7th inning — lots of time to do good left. So it’s too early to render him invisible.

But with about a year left before candidates have to file for the primary, you have to believe that some people are thinking about running for mayor. And maybe more than thinking. Planning. Organizing. Fundraising.

Gadfly doesn’t have his ear to every ground, but it’s been said that Councilmen Reynolds and Callahan may run for mayor, maybe even Councilwoman Negron.

That thought reminded me that I had not looked at the Council financial disclosures for a while. Did you ever do that? Go here.

Some interesting things to see there. Take a look. Agree?

Gadfly was pleased to support everybody in last year’s Councilperson-ic primary and plans to do so again. Was fun. Gadfly wants to help people be informed voters. He’s in the business of providing information. And he thinks that all the coverage as well as the candidate participation in the Gadfly 8-week mini-essay series during last year’s primary was helpful in that respect.

But Gadfly really looks forward to the mayoral race next time. He hopes it is competitive. More on that later.

The May 2021 primary will be special because we will obviously want to select a great mayor. But it will be extra-special for Gadfly because he thinks it will mark the climax of his project. A good time to fold his wings.

So while there are most likely people right now thinking about entering the 2021 primary for mayor, he hopes that some people also might be thinking of donning the gadfly wings.

Every town needs a gadfly.

And he hopes that followers will be paying attention to the Council dynamics he lays out for you.

For one or more Council members may be running for mayor sooner or later.

Which brings Gadfly back to the wage equality meeting on the proposed ordinance.

Heading there again in next post.

Vote meaningfully today!

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Election Day
Tuesday November 5

7AM as I post — polls open!

Gadfly knows, yes, yes, there are important electoral races for judge, district attorney, school board, etc., that will be decided today.

Speaking of school board, follower Karen Beck Pooley is on that ballot.

But Gadfly will pretty much always circumscribe his focus around the mayorality and Council — offices that he will be close to and see in action.

And there’s really no “race” in these races today.

But Gadfly expects you to vote.

And he has suggested to you an “exercise” to make your Council vote interesting today.

An exercise to make your vote “count.”

Use your vote as a referendum on at least the three incumbent Council members who will be automatically installed today for lack of competition.

Refresh yourself on their platforms and positions from the May primary.

Gadfly tips his hat again for these serious, thoughtful responses.

Michael Colon – Gadfly statements for May 2019 primary
J. William Reynolds – Gadfly statements for May 2019 primary
Paige Van Wirt – Gadfly statements from May 2019 primary
Grace Crampsie Smith – Gadfly statements for May 2019 primary

Mix in — using your reading of Gadfly the past five months — what you know of their performance since then.

Do some homework again. Some thinking again.

Ok, if you are whining that you are busy, Gadfly suggests that you at least look at prompt 7.2  on the statements they did for Gadfly, the one about A Vision of/for the City.

Gadfly thinks that might be the most important prompt.

Elections are new beginnings. Leaders inspire us with their visions. They shape the narrative. They turn us on.

Or should.

What are their visions of past, present, and, most importantly, future Bethlehem?

Then vote or withhold a vote as if it counted in the final analysis.

You don’t have to vote for all three incumbents on the 4yr seat or the one on the 2yr. seat.

Discriminate. Choose.

You will feel better.

And they will be watching.

Gadfly doesn’t know his way around the archives very well, but here is one place where you can find Northampton County votes tallied in past elections.

Here. for instance, is the May 2019 primary tally.

Election results

On the basis of past statistics like this, some wonk will project how many votes will be cast today, and you can bet the candidates will be looking at their numbers in the various precincts around town.

A smaller number than expected will be noticed.

Take the opportunity to send a message today — either a pat on the back or a wake-up call.


Election Day
Tuesday November 5

Gadfly, “what do you mean by ‘fight the good fight’?”

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In urging you to vote tomorrow, for several days Gadfly has tried to fix your attention on our City Council persons.

You may know from attending City Council meetings or viewing them online that Gadfly usually yackity-yacks during the public comment periods.

And that he virtually always urges Council to “fight the good fight.”

Gadfly has been asked what he means by that.

He guesses the term isn’t as known as he thought.

To fight the good fight is a term/practice biblical in origin.

It means to do what is morally right.

It means to do the right thing and to try to get others to do the same.

Someone who is fighting the good fight is working tirelessly to improve the world around him or her.

Gadfly wants Council “to fight the good fight”!

Election Day
Tuesday November 5

Other really important races being decided on Tuesday

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Gadfly followers:

I just want to point out that there are other really important races being decided on Tuesday besides City and County Councils. There are two contested positions for Judge of the Superior Court of PA (two running from each party). Those of you who followed the Congressional redistricting should know how important judge seats are – while that was decided by the state Supreme Court, the Superior (and Commonwealth) Court may be the bench for future Supreme Court positions. There is also an important local Northampton County race for Judge of Common Pleas Court, in which you can vote for two out of three candidates – and it is hotly contested. There is also a highly competitive race for District Attorney in Northampton County (to replace Morganelli who is running for Judge), as well as for County Controller. Please go out and vote on Tuesday!

Benjamin Felzer

Election Day
Tuesday November 5