Repeal “incompetently ignorant” state law on fireworks

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Dana Grubb, “Readers React: Pennylvania fireworks law is one of worst ever.” Morning Call, July 6, 2020.

Regarding the insane assault on the public’s sensory perception by inconsiderate humans shooting off fireworks all hours of the day and night and in direct violation of state and local laws, the solution is quite simple. Repeal this law.

For the lost revenue, state elected officials should be able to find that savings in the blink of a sneeze given the size of the state budget.

The public outrage brought on by the inconsiderate stupidity of some; the negative impact on the quality of life for many people and animals; the unnecessary drain of law enforcement resources to try to enforce it and the potential threat to the health and safety of residents, make this one of the most incompetently ignorant laws ever passed by state legislators and signed into law by a governor.

Dana Grubb

Just recently added to the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting are resolutions by both Councilman Reynolds 06j Consumer Fireworks Nuisance Resolution 1 and Mayor Donchez 06k Repeal 2017 Fireworks Law Memo 2 urging repeal of the state law.