Semper Fi!: Captain John “Jack” Hart (1937-2015)

Veterans Day 2020

Jack Hart served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, including two stints in Vietnam.


Christian Rhys Gallagher, Liberty High School ’17, a captain of the football team, would honor his grandfather by leading the team onto the field carrying his grandfather’s American flag.

Semper Fi!

Gadfly asks what veterans you will tip your hat to or remember today.

Buddha is naked!

Gadfly invites your photos of local interest

Shutting down

Cleaning out the flower beds

Buddha’s environing floral garb gone for the season

The Gadfly

Gadfly is looking for a pruner with delicate, artistic touch to trim a beautiful Japanese maple and a land-grabbing Annabelle. Mrs. Gadfly won’t trust the job to the man known affectionately as “Edward Scholarhands.” Pandemic hazard-rates apply. Apply

A picture of sustainability?

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How best to incorporate environmental responsibility into clothing decisions?

Follow the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (in that order).

Alison 1

Reusable cloth mask, sewn by workers receiving a fair wage (ethical supply chain)
Cardigan, a very rare new clothing purchase, no synthetics (Reduce)
Tank top, which I’ve owned for years and years (Reuse)
Jeans, a flattering and versatile thrift store purchase (Recycle)

Alison Steele

Gadfly often recommends the always thoughtful “Radical Moderate” blog by Bethlehem native Alison Steele. The above is from her August 2 post.

Let it go, Gadfly, let it go

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Martin Tower site looking south from Eaton Ave.


Gadfly’s camera can’t match the magic of the Grubb and Yoshida lenses. Somehow this picture doesn’t adequately capture the glandular response he registered as the South Mountain horizon opened up to him coming up the hill toward 8th Avenue last night. Such a feeling of delightfully open space filled his lungs. Thinking he was as he impulsively stopped the car how awesome it would be if this site were a park or other kind of recreation area sweeping down on the left to the Monocacy from whence you can trail and trail and trail. But, instead, 548 apartments, medical buildings, a gas station — and much, much imperviosity. Another paradise paved.

Grumpy ol’ Gadfly.

The pandemic blues?

Exterior decoration by Rodentia

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Everybody has a tame squirrel hanging around.

By the look of his Facebook page, Dana Grubb has a whole menagerie.

My Sciuridae domesticus persists in rearranging my flowers.

He’s neat.

I just wish I could understand his design philosophy.

     before                                after

The Gadfly