Mayoral candidate Grubb reminds us of his endorsements

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election


I am grateful for the number of former city co-workers and officials who have endorsed my candidacy. These people know my experience, work capacity, and moral compass as well as anybody.

Here is what some of them have to say:

  • Richard ‘Bucky’ Szulborski – former Bethlehem City Councilman: “Dana is a man of honesty and integrity.”
  • Tom Mohr – former Bethlehem City Councilman: “He was admired by his peers and subordinates.”
  • Dianne Bachmann – former Public Works Department Business Manager: “Dana always had a great work ethic.”
  • Anna Marie Eckert – former administrative assistant for the Parks & Recreation Department: “Dana is city smart, he has a deep commitment to the city and will lead with honesty and integrity.”
  • Jeffrey Fritz – former City of Bethlehem Utility Superintendent: “Dana Grubb is a man that I trust.”
  • Tom Marshall – former Director of Recycling: “He is a fair and honest man.”
  • Steve Melnick – former Director of Development in BEDCO: “Dana’s integrity, honesty and dedication will make him a true Mayor for all citizens in our community.”
  • Larry Mika – former Public Works Section Engineer: “He was always a very pleasant person to work with and was a fantastic supervisor, fair to all.”
  • Mary Jo Reed – former Purchasing Director: “I know that Dana is dependable and his word is his honor.”
  • Dennis Reichard – former City of Bethlehem Business Administrator: “He will be a Mayor who is caring and will work hard for the residents.”
  • David Saltzer – former City of Bethlehem Firefighter and President Emeritus Bethlehem Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 735: “This is a true leader who employees will follow and who will restore the morale of the city’s workforce.”
  • Joan Schrei – former Administrative Assistant to Mayor Gordon Mowrer and Public Works Department Business Manager: “I always found him to be honest, fair, committed and focused on making Bethlehem a better place to live.”
  • Gordon Smith – former Director of Emergency Medical Services: “He was always honest and fair.”
  • Jim Smith – former Public Works Streets Superintendent: “I can assure all citizens that your best interest is Dana’s main goal.”
  • Greg Solderitch – former Bethlehem Police Captain: “His work ethic is beyond reproach, as is his honesty and integrity.”
  • Christopher Spadoni, Esquire – former City Council Solicitor: “I think he is very knowledgeable about Bethlehem city government.”
  • Ann Szmania – former Supervisor of Accounts Payable: “I have found him to be above all else a man of integrity, honesty and compassion.”
  • Mark Wood – Bethlehem Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent: “I have never met a person with more integrity or more trustworthiness in my entire life.”
  • Jean Zweifel, former Director of Human Resources: “His moral compass, honesty, integrity  and love of the City of Bethlehem and her residents is continually displayed by his actions each and every day.”


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