Mayoral candidate Dana Grubb: on care for smaller Southside sites

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

Dana Grubb for Mayor

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Candidate Grubb in front of the Brinker Lofts:

  • a complete retrofit of an historic icehouse
  • an example of the creative development we need
  • but most historic sites on the Southside are smaller
  • such homes and apartments need to be rehab’d and converted too
  • but in a way that keeps history and charm and reduces environmental impact
  • many models out there for smaller scale properties
  • affordable housing and economical commercial space
  • will help vulnerable populations and small businesses
  • the proposed 10-story building on New St. doesn’t get it
  • luxury apartments etc.
  • too many of such projects will change the unique character of the Southside
  • we need to build on historical capital be rehabbing older buildings
  • keep livable scale mixed income community
  • create jobs, keep real estate available, and reasonable for renters and businesses
  • will work with small investors and establish training programs
  • small investors need to know how to navigate the city’s processes

Let’s believe in a better Bethlehem.

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