Important message for John Price

Latest in a series of posts on candidates for election

ref: If you see John Price, ask him to call home . . . er, the Gadfly
ref: The Reynolds mailer was a fair mailer that cited facts
ref: The City committee’s evaluation of the Polk developers thought to be “laughable and wrong” (9/6/19)


I have a $20 bet that “John Price” is your real name and not a nom de plume, a pseudonym,  a mask, a masquerade, a pen name. I’ll split the winnings with you. Easiest ten bucks you ever made. Call me. If a woman answers, hang up.



2 thoughts on “Important message for John Price

  1. Dear Gadfly,

    I will happily match your $20, if Mr. Price can prove himself to be a real boy like Pinocchio. Unfortunately, a search on Gadfly reveals that John Price self-assesses as someone who “follows development in Bethlehem” and in a letter in 2019 on Gadfly ( advocates for Peron and Petrucci, two of the megaist, mega developers in Bethlehem!

    Further, he belongs to a Facebook group I do called FRIENDS OF BETHLEHEM PA. In case you cannot open the link below, he posted on April 27th 2021 an article from the Mcall about the Historic Conservation Commission rejecting plans for the ten-story, mixed-use apartment building on South New street. When he posted the article, he shared this comment:

    “Another dumb short sighted move by this board. More government getting in the way of private development to help build the tax base.”

    The dots are connecting! Clearly, John Price’s desire to see that Dana Grubb loses ( as proven by the fact that he posts about nothing else except hating on Dana, using only a caricature of himself) — AND that Reynolds becomes mayor on May 18th is linked to his PRO BIG DEVELOPER, GREEDY interests that align with Willie Reynolds AND current mayor, Donchez, who generously donated to Reynolds’ campaign. How COWARDLY and CONVENIENT to pose behind a fake profile! Perhaps the speculation we should be betting on, Gadfly, is not if John Price is his real name, but rather, who is behind the fake profile?!


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