“Where is the willingness to discuss, rather than to name-call and inflame?”

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ref: The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance gets air time to seek followers and rouse action


No responses?

Silence compels questions: are we self absorbed, overwhelmed, fatigued of divisiveness, hopeless, angry? Where is the willingness to discuss, rather than to name-call and inflame? There is a cause for everything, usually multiple.

But “Marxists”, “Master Plan”, “Infiltrating the government”, “Far Left”, “Ring Leader” and “Power Grab”? Are we divided so thoroughly that we revert to what is arguably slanderous and libelous rhetoric rather than embrace free speech – so long as it is morally and scientifically defensible –  and the differences that allow us to evolve?

Where is the city effort to bring us together? Where are those digital message boards to inform our neighbors how to attend council meetings? We have an idea that many more would attend with appropriate, more capable publication.

It is an incredibly tough time, but this is obviously important and we managed one (?) virtual meeting. It is perverted somewhat not standing face to face, but aren’t we capable of taking responsibility for those ill chosen words and actions, the risks of dialogue and being human, without forever hating? We must believe we are.

I believe in our community. There is so much good taking place.

If we commit to asking each other what we need to know, listening and challenging and supporting and respecting honest answers. Not shouting down or bullying. Those are American, democratic values – however arguably unequally enjoyed and defended – that unite us.

Who’s willing to work?

Greg Zahm

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