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Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

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from the LVGNA facebook page:

A lead post following this image:
Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance
The next Bethlehem City Council meeting is Tuesday December 1st at 7pm. Please call in during the public comment section of this meeting to speak directly to council about your public safety concerns surrounding the current push by radical activists to defund the Bethlehem Police Department.
Among the responses are these two:
Jose L. Garcia
Done, it is disturbing that our local government has even thought about it.
Deborah Snyder
Done. This is absolutely disgraceful that they would even consider this.
LVGNA responds to Debra:
Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance
Deborah Snyder
We agree. Equally disgraceful is the way they repeatedly use the police whenever they want or need them. We’re learned that this council uses police to delivery their meeting minutes / packets directly to their homes. They want to defund the police but they want them to be their personal servants as well. Shameless hypocrites.
A more community-based response suggested by Gadfly:
Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance
Jose and Debra
We know you are incredulous, but let me tell you that several of our fellow residents have made their cases to Council.
For instance, neighbor1 and neighbor2  pointed out such and such and such and such.
You can hear them on the video of the November 17 Council meeting at such and such.
But we don’t agree with their cases and here’s why: ___________________.
What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Gadfly models quality conversation

  1. Negative campaigning works. It’s easy to appeal to the emotions, reasoned discussion, not so much. Certain facts may not mesh with your agenda and may prove a monkey wrench in the gears. People are generally selfish, self centered etc. unless they choose to act civilized, a choice they are not often moved to make.

    You have constructed a better response but such words are not often valued in our combative society.

  2. The Lehigh Valley Group of Neighbors make statements with little rational thought. Less than useless. I would not expect anything more. Words and phrases they do not even understand. They are so off base.

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