The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance gets air time to seek followers and rouse action

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

Greg and Carrie, co-founders of Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance, had a conversation with Bobby Gunther Walsh on his radio program today at approx 9:50AM, alerting the public about a concerted Marxist effort to defund the Bethlehem Police department and the need for the “silent majority” to make their views known at the City Council meetings this week.

Gadfly always recommends going to the primary source, so he urges you to listen to the show segment (11 mins.)

But his text are direct quotes.

  • . . . leftists trying to totally trying to transform the city of Bethlehem, a small noisy, vocal group that are changing everything for all the citizens — wake up and smell the coffee because there is a Seattle brewing in our home town.
  • Bethlehem is being targeted, and the Bethlehem police department is under siege by a group of radical Marxists who are hell-bent on not only defunding but dismantling and entirely abolishing the Bethlehem police department, as absurd as that might sound.
  • In the words of their leaders, their self-proclaimed leaders, “I am 100% in favor of defunding and abolishing the police. They are not necessary, and their only purpose is to protect private property. I am not safer because some white guy with a gun is driving around my neighborhood.”
  • One of their self-proclaimed policing experts, who is a far-left Lehigh professor, and sadly Lehigh has become a hot-bed of this leftist, odd-ball Marxism, said, “the voters have told you . . . we do not want institutions who have not reconciled with their racist past to get more funding. We expect this Council to invest in anti-racism.”
  • So somehow this self-proclaimed policing expert also has the psychic ability to divine what the voters of Bethlehem want even though they haven’t voted on anything yet.
  • We are urging people who are concerned about public safety or losing the incredible public safety we have in Bethlehem [to contact City Council].
  • People in the Lehigh Valley who realize this concerted effort by Marxists that is happening all across the country . . . skyrocketing crime rate. It just doesn’t happen in those major cities, it is happening in the Christmas City.
  • It’s happening in our home town, and we have to fight against it.
  • At the last City Council meeting, one Bethlehem business person spoke against, he was outnumbered 10-1 by these Marxists who call in to every City Council meeting.
  • They started this summer, but now they are really pushing because this is budget season.
  • This is when City Council either approves or defunds the Mayor’s policing budget.
  • Here’s one of the ringleaders . . . I also had conversations with this woman, this Van Wirt . . . she’s a doctor, as if I give a blank, she did not like the news that I sent her, then lied to me about something that I already knew was a lie, she is one of the ringleaders.
  • They’ve indoctrinated your kids, colleges, schools, indoctrinated your kids to hate America, and they are this minority  . . . that is steering the whole City Council.
  • Tell Council something from a point of view they don’t want to hear but that they desperately need to hear from the silent majority, but if we are silent for too much longer, we’re going to be forever silent.
  • Dr. Roy, at the Bethlehem Area School District, is indoctrinating, using your tax money, indoctrinating your children, and we can see the logical result of this when you listen to these meetings because it’s the young people who are calling in, some of them admit that they have mental health issues, and these are the very people who are being manipulated by a well organized, very well financed PAC . . . using young people to lobby Council on a consistent basis and to infiltrate our government.
  • And one of the City Council members, Grace Crampsie Smith, who’s up for re-election next November, came right out and said we’re giving radical activists a mechanism to make changes to our police department and address systemic racism.
  • Activists are the ones who are going to navigate the process in all areas, including education, housing, economic disparities . . .
  • They have a master plan for us, and if we don’t get off our butts, and do something about it, well, then, you are going to be led by the nose.
  • A lot of people don’t even know this is going on.
  • That’s the way they want it. City Council passed a resolution without even hearing from any dissenting voice.
  • So most of the City Council or all of them are in the tank with these leftists?
  • All except one . . . except Bryan Callahan, who is the only one who had the guts to call out his other Council members.
  • For they are denying they are for defunding.
  • But we’ve traced highly placed sources who have told us that’s exactly what’s going on.
  • So most of the people on City Council are in the tank for it except Bryan Callahan.
  • Folks, you need to speak up.
  • Amendments will defund the police if we don’t speak up now.
  • This is our last chance.
  • Join our voices to repel this Marxist crusade to destroy the quality of life we enjoy in our home town.

2 thoughts on “The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance gets air time to seek followers and rouse action

  1. No responses?

    Silence compels questions: are we self absorbed, overwhelmed, fatigued of divisiveness, hopeless, angry? Where is the willingness to discuss, rather than to name-call and inflame? There is a cause for everything, usually multiple.

    But “Marxists”, “Master Plan”, “Infiltrating the government”, “Far Left”, “Ring Leader” and “Power Grab”? Are we divided so thoroughly that we revert to what is arguably slanderous and libelous rhetoric rather than embrace free speech – so long as it is morally and scientifically defensible – and the differences that allow us to evolve?

    Where is the city effort to bring us together? Where are those digital message boards to inform our neighbors how to attend council meetings? We have an idea that many more would attend with appropriate, more capable publication.

    It is an incredibly tough time, but this is obviously important and we managed one (?) virtual meeting. It is perverted somewhat not standing face to face, but aren’t we capable of taking responsibility for those ill chosen words and actions, the risks of dialogue and being human, without forever hating? We must believe we are.

    I believe in our community. There is so much good taking place.

    If we commit to asking each other what we need to know, listening and challenging and supporting and respecting honest answers. Not shouting down or bullying. Those are American, democratic values – however arguably unequally enjoyed and defended – that unite us.

    Who’s willing to work?

  2. Please keep me updated on your efforts to DEFEND Bethlehem Police Dept.
    My uncle, John DiDonato was BPD Chief back in the 70’s and 80’s. We need to maintain BPD’s high level of service and effectiveness and keep the new administration from decimating the department that we all depend on for our security and peace of mind!!
    Council has gone rogue and the taxpayers of this city need to protect the city from our own taxpayer funded city council before they destroy our way of life!!

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