The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance also in full-court press as budget vote nears

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

“The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance is a community of civic-minded individuals
who raise awareness about important local issues and coordinate
effective community action.”

Let it not be said that there is only one full-court press going on as the budget process heads to the goal.

Gadfly has reported on the full-court press being applied by Lehigh Valley Stands Up on City Council for modifications in policing and reallocation of the police budget.

The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance is employing a counter-insurgent full-court press, as evidenced by their petition, their appearance on local radio today (in 40 minutes from the publication of this post), and their call for public comment at upcoming City Council meetings.


One thought on “The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance also in full-court press as budget vote nears

  1. Thank you for curating, Gadfly. Debate is missing, in spite of your effort.

    Obviously two sides so opposed – like our federal political parties – could only benefit from committing to listening to each other’s scientifically supported view points with a promise to listen and act based on democratic norms.

    That is a hard thing to hear for those suffering under the legacy of 400 YEARS of racial, social, cultural, economic and medical oppression. This is a fact that can not be denied, though it is ignored and challenged and belittled.

    Ignorance of its importance is being made known, especially recently by the young who perhaps don’t have the material wealth and social power to fear losing. But what is RIGHT?

    We had been a country that prided itself on standing up against bullies, or so we’d been taught. I (a 54 year old) – like so many – agree that now is the time to use our voices on behalf of all. This must include those oppressed with the hope of righting our nation’s egregious wrongs, as much as possible.

    BLM protests – joined by all creeds – have been largely non-violent – 93% (according to the report by US Crisis Monitor cited by Time, USA Today, Washington Post, and others) – in spite of the unquantifiable violence done on their ancestors their CONTEMPORARIES, and themselves.

    If one thinks this is inaccurate, the democratic, civilized, educated norm is that one cites sources AND DEBATES; one does NOT write or yell “fake news” with any integrity.

    Yes, corporate media must be checked, just like the powers and branches of government that can be bought much more easily as a result of the 2010 Citizens United ruling that allowed unlimited corporate funding of elections leading to undocumented “dark money”. (1) Fair and reasonable political influence? Phooey. Three Americans have more wealth than the least wealthy 50%. (2) Good at what they do? Certainly. Good FOR what they do? Much less so.

    But that sweeping “fake news” cry is not only dishonest, it is lazy, undemocratic, ill-intentioned, and inhumane considering the suffering that has created the need to demand justice.

    State your position HONESTLY, not in a partisan (one-sided) vacuum outside of society. Labeling all people willing to speak out for transparency and discussion “Marxists” is fascist oppression of free speech and McCarthy-esque, shameful (and likely libelous* and slanderous*).

    *Where would this stand legally considering the recent Gunther Walsh radio bit and the online posters that have been shared?

    To BE better, we have to DEMAND better, and then ACT better.



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