“I am hopeful . . . the citizens of Bethlehem have had enough of . . . inflammatory rhetoric”

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Michele Downing is a Social Worker and RN, a grandmother of two, interested in social and environmental justice, a resident of the Lehigh Valley for fifteen years, the last six years a resident of West Bethlehem.

ref: The Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance gets air time to seek followers and rouse action


Well, that is 10 minutes of my life I will never get back.

However, in all seriousness, I am hopeful the country, and even the citizens of Bethlehem, have had enough of that type of inflammatory rhetoric being cloaked in the word “new.”

No, Lehigh University is not a “hot bed of liberal marxists who have been lying to your children.”

NO . . . Dr Roy is not “in on the Marxist conspiracy.”

Paige Van Wirt is not “their leader.”

The people I have listened to calling in to Bethlehem City Council meetings have offered research and data, not rhetoric and fear mongering.

And I believe that will continue to be the case in spite of the best efforts of the “Good Neighbors Alliance” to divert attention from what is really important.

In full transparency, I have called in and will continue to do so, and I am definitely not a confused Marxist child as my good neighbors would imply.


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  1. Michelle, thank you for your respectful advocacy on behalf of democracy, our educational institutions, our imperfect city, ALL our neighbors but especially our youth – the future, who’s integrity and engagement are also impugned by the LVGNA.

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