Callahan not bursting the bridge’s balloon, just blowing it up slower

Latest in a series of posts on the pedestrian bridge

Bruce Haines is a Lehigh graduate who returned to Bethlehem after a 35-year career at USSteel. He put together a 12-member Partnership to rescue the Hotel Bethlehem from bankruptcy in 1998 and lives in the historic district.


I think Councilman Callahan made a valid point about the timing of funding this [pedestrian/bicycle bridge] project.

He was clear that he generally supported this project, but at this point there were likely more urgent needs for the $40,000.

He also pointed out that the matching funds would likely still be there next year as well so that this project could be funded when times are better.

Businesses are deferring expenditures & reallocating scarce funding during this period.

Government should also be doing the same thing.

In this particular case, I think Mr. Callahan was not being unreasonable.

He was not bursting the balloon for the bridge but only blowing it up a little slower than originally planned to address more critical needs.

I don’t think he got a fair hearing quite frankly from his fellow council members.


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