Pedestrian bridge politics

Latest in a series of posts on the pedestrian bridge

Bud Hackett is a Bethlehem resident who raised 4 kids in the City. He recently became very interested in quality of life issues in the city and hopes to offer a balance to the approach City Council is taking.

ref: The budget dance (3): the pedestrian/bicycle bridge


It is all about who is pandering to which constituency.

It would appear that Mr. Reynolds is looking for votes from the liberal democrats that want the City to give them a free $4-5 million bike and walk bridge across the river.

Who doesn’t want a “free bridge”?

Just look at the list of people and organizations sending letters of support for the project. A treasure trove of progressive voters.

Mr. Callahan seems to want to distinguish himself as a democrat from Mr. Reynolds and seems to be more aligned with “working class” moderate Dems that may feel the bridge is more for tourists and a benefit for the Southside at the expense of the taxpayers north of the river.

Politics is not about doing what’s best,

it’s about doing what best for the politicians.

Yes, we all want “free stuff” paid for by others.

We are currently in crises financially.

Aren’t we taxed enough already?

No need to be dreaming up new ways to spend the taxpayer’s money.


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