The Good Neighbors are looking for good stories

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance November 18

Followers might remember that Gadfly recently spent 7 posts on the Lehigh Valley Good Neighbors Alliance, ending with the line lets “see if we have common ground.”

Here’s some common ground.

Gadfly agrees that the police department doesn’t get enough recognition for the good it does.

Even he recognizes that in this post-GeorgeFloyd period of national reckoning with race that he has a tendency to take the good the police do for granted and head right to the problems.

There needs to be a balance.

Gadfly needs to be balanced.

So Gadfly applauds a concerted focus on stories of exemplary service by police.

He wishes, however, that LVGNA had dropped the parenthesis “(including several Bethlehem City Council members)” in the no doubt truthful claim that many do not realize and appreciate all the good police do.

(The extensive list of activities the Chief presented at the October 29 Committee of the Whole meeting was very instructive in that regard.)

That’s unnecessary red meat in Gadfly’s estimation.

Because for most of the 30+ responders to this post at the moment, the parenthesis became paramount.

There is only one good story of invaluable service by the police.

Instead, there is name-calling: Council is useless, out of touch, clueless, reckless, liars, schemers, jerks, criminals (yes, there’s a call to lock ’em up!).

Instead, there is hyperbolic, emotionally charged terms: radical activist, leftist political bias, co-conspirators.

Lets have the good stories.

Lets have the common ground.

The common ground that enables the tough conversations we inevitably have to have.

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