Southside voices (3): Carolina and Margarita

The latest in a series of posts on the Southside

Carolina Hernandez (3 mins.)

Bethlehem is chosen home. Keep South Bethlehem “funky” (Kim Carrell-Smith’s line that we’ll post later). Don’t make it like Miami. Relatives and friends who visit all love it. Incredible diversity, history, beautiful facades. This is what people fall in love with. South Side Proud. What makes us unique should be amplified not shut down. Walkability. Greenway. Don’t bring in what makes us sterile. Enforce historic nature. Take care like we did the North side. Amplify the beauty of this community. Recognize the power, the privilege, the history, the prestige that it is to be a part of this wonderful community.

Margarita (5 mins.)

Bethlehem reminded her of her small town in Puerto Rico. Wants to continue to have that kind of feeling. Realizes too that we need to move forward and progress. Detriment holding on to the past. Can build places that resemble other places but that are modern on the inside. Can architects keep it at a reasonable height and build facade to be historical. As opposed to all glass and metal. Keep facade of how the buildings were way back. Attract even more tourists. Parking garage with businesses on first floor but park appeal open with hanging plants and trees on second floor. No high rises. Not like New York. Parking here is terrible. Join parking and nature.

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