Southside voices (4): Larry and Roger

The latest in a series of posts on the Southside

Larry Eighmy (5 mins.)

We want to have some new overlay, new development, on top of the old while preserving it. Zoning codes are regressive, we want to think about being progressive. [History of plans over last 20 years.] Wonderful things. What we have now is a position of strength. We have created a success. Parking. Commercial. We’re trying to create vibrancy. What we need to do going forward is celebrate our successes, continue to do the things that we have done, and then think a little bit differently about the component Esther Lee talked about [the Black strip on buildings on Brodhead]. Need to push out the industrial base by Perkins. Critical. Change of Hill to Hill bridge. Lehigh-New St corridor. Big things. Lets say what can do. Instead of dictating what we can’t do, let market take care of what we wnt to do. We have “great” problems. This is critical time for this conversation.

Roger Simon (3 mins.)

Allow higher buildings closer to Lehigh campus. Might relieve pressure of students living farther afield and developers outbidding homeowners. Preserve scale of 3rd and 4th Sts. as much as possible. Keep taller buildings uphill.

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