The Mayor’s memo before Councilman Callahan’s press conference

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The action that precipitated Councilman Callahan’s announcement of a press conference on November 25 was this November 18 letter from the Mayor, indicating that the investigation of Ms. Karner that BC had requested a month prior had not been done..

Donchez Callahan letter

Councilman Callahan’s press conference was scheduled at 4PM yesterday afternoon.

Earlier yesterday afternoon of November 25 — that is, before Councilman Callahan’s press conference — Mayor Donchez sent the following 3-page memo to City Council president Waldron.

The memo was sent early enough and distributed enough so that the media and presumably Councilman Callahan were aware of it at the press conference.

Mayor’s memo prior to Callahan press conference

There seem to be three issues here. Let’s separate them out.

  • possible unethical behavior by AMK regarding the Bethlehem Parking Authority decision on the Polk Street Garage (raised by BC at the November 6 City Council meeting)
  • possible unethical behavior by AMK stalling permit approvals in order to justify staff additions in her department
  • breaches of decorum by BC at City Council meetings

The Mayor addressed just the first bullet in this memo, indicating that Councilman Callahan was confusing a “bid” and an “RFP” (Request for Proposal).

Since the BPA decision related to an “RFP” and not a “bid,” there was, according to the Mayor, no improper behavior by AMK.

Chewing on all of this so far?

Now let’s move to the Councilman Callahan press conference.

It’s probably neither here nor there, but remember that Gadfly had some indigestion over the Polk Street Garage decision by BPA.

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