Come up to speed on Councilman Callahan’s suggestion of possible unethical behavior at City Hall

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If you haven’t been paying attention, ’tis time to listen up.

A tempest has been brewing around Councilman Callahan for a period of time.

It blew up yesterday when he held a press conference at Town Hall.

There Councilman Callahan suggested that the Director of Community and Economic Development Alicia Miller Karner may have engaged in unethical behavior that Mayor Donchez has been unwilling to investigate.

Gadfly — always the professor — wants to make sure that you are up to speed on this important matter.

Let’s review how we got here.

Here in chronological order over the last three weeks or so are a series of Gadfly posts that will provide recent history of Councilman Callahan’s agitation and provide necessary background for his announcement in public yesterday.

Ok, are you with him so far? Gadfly will spend the next several posts on this topic. There will be more than enough for you to chew on today.

Clear your calendar.

Buckle up.

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