Councilman Callahan’s November 25 press conference

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photo April Gamiz/The Morning Call

Use the detailed news stories at the end of this post by our beat reporters for good full context, but you know that Gadfly always urges you to go to the primary sources and form your own opinions and ideas, so he has provided here full video of the approximately hour-long press conference.

City Councilman Bryan Callahan, press conference, Town Hall,
Nov, 25, 2019, 4PM

Councilman Callahan’s prepared statement:

part 1 (9 mins.)
part 2 (3 mins.)
part 3 (3 mins.)

Q ‘n A with the media:

part 4 (10 mins.)
part 5 (10 mins.)
part 6 (11 mins.)
part 7 (10 mins.)
part 8 (2 mins.)

Sara Satullo, “Bethlehem councilman says mayor tried to intimidate him after call for ethics probe.”, November 25, 2019.

Nicole Radzievich, “Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez delivers defense of aide targeted by councilman.” Morning Call, November 25, 2019.

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