Candidates Reynolds and Leon on exiting the pandemic (Reynolds Town Hall April 14)

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Reynolds Virtual Town Hall April 14

Candidate Reynolds:

  • pandemic showed that some of our systems were not built in an efficient way
  • access to technology, health care, food, etc.
  • how do you build equitable systems, that work for everybody
  • because something’s working for me doesn’t mean it’s working for everybody
  • we can confuse those things
  • must work on that
  • expand to connect with school district etc to build better systems

Candidate Leon:

  • people complaining about going to school from home
  • but people on my street didn’t even have internet
  • library did amazing work
  • pandemics are going to be exacerbated by climate change
  • City must address climate change

Candidate Reynolds:

  • lots of people have done ok economically in pandemic
  • but lots of vulnerable people have had to take on extra work
  • affordable housing
  • going to work on affordable housing trust fund, etc.
  • for a lot of people life is getting more difficult
  • must be aware that lots of people’s experiences are not ours
  • need to build systems around that awareness

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