414 Days of Solitude: “I was stressed about re-entry into society”

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“I was stressed about re-entry into society.”

Alison Steele is a Liberty High School alum who traveled the world looking for adventure and purpose before finding it in Pittsburgh.  She has made it her mission to help others make more informed decisions around how they interact with people and the planet. She publishes the Radical Moderate blog that Gadfly has often recommended to you.

414 Days of Solitude

I recognize that everything I’m about to say here smacks of privilege… the privilege of having a secure job over the past year and keeping a roof over my head, of not getting sick myself and not losing immediate family members to COVID, of having the luxury to read and write about racial inequities rather than experiencing them first-hand, of not facing an existential threat to my way of life based on the outcome of last fall’s presidential election. We have faced some collective trauma as a society throughout 2020 and since, but in no way do I believe I have had it “tough” over the last 14 months.

…which is why I was so shocked by the severely negative emotional reaction I experienced coming up to my “fully vaccinated” status.

I noticed a slight shift in my attitude once Christian got me a vaccination appointment and my “freedom day” (second shot plus two weeks) was a fixed point on the calendar rather than some undefined future time. I began to feel more anxious, frustrated, short-tempered, and depressed. After 13 months of lockdown, during which we generally got along and didn’t get on each other’s nerves, I started to get irrationally angry with him for making plans to go out with friends and travel out of town. Yes, I initially had reluctance and questions about the shot itself (which I wrote about previously [1]), but this was something different. I wasn’t stressed about getting the vaccine; I was stressed about re-entry into society.

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414 Days of Solitude

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