Reynolds’ behavior “disqualifies him to lead this city”

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ref: “Trust in Mr. Reynolds is misplaced”


Wonderful summary by Barbara Diamond about Mr Reynolds behavior in his leadership role at that time as President of City Council.

I was one that clearly called for the President & the VP of Council to recuse themselves for the clear appearance of conflict of interest as the developers of Martin Tower were by far their largest donors in the then most recent election.

Instead of considering that suggestion, Reynolds retaliated personally with a blustering lecture to me that far exceeded the 5-minute limit that we were afforded during our comment period. I didn’t call him corrupt but simply stated the facts that there was a significant appearance of conflict of interest.

This was only one example of the behavior that disqualifies him to lead this city. He has suggested openly that residents that ask for their residential neighborhoods to be preserved as the city zoning ordinances require should “move to Macada Road.”

Mr Reynolds has an opinion on every issue & blusters regularly at council meetings with little tolerance for those that have opposing views. That isn’t the Mayor we need for a city that prides itself on the integrity of our neighborhoods & the integrity of our two downtowns.  As a business leader in this community, I think we deserve a leader that is a good listener to his constituents rather than one that demands his way or the highway.

I am extremely disappointed that City Council Members Van Wirt, Negron, & Colon abandoned their principals to support the very person that stood against most of their positions. Do we really want to elect a Mayor with a puppet city council? I think we deserve a Mayor with integrity & a check & balance from an independent City Council.

Dana Grubb has always stood for the people of Bethlehem against bad government & truly deserves your vote.

Bruce Haines

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