Candidates Reynolds and Kwiatek on public safety (Reynolds Town Hall, April 7)

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Reynolds Virtual Town Hall April 7

Candidate Kwiatek:

  • lots of conversation about policing
  • hot button issue
  • look at policing as part of a larger ecosystem
  • new vision with new police chief
  • bring together police and Health dept
  • get social workers, etc. involved with non-violent calls
  • models in other cities
  • saves money as benefit too
  • police not experts in every thing
  • more community policing
  • integrate public health practices

Candidate Reynolds:

  • Chief Kott for more community involvement
  • listen to what community wants
  • always situations where you want a police officer
  • but often in situations that are unfair to the officers
  • how do we make our police officers’ jobs easier
  • must do a lot to help out before a call to a police officer is needed

Candidate Kwiatek:

  • lots going on in people’s lives that we must take care of
  • all connected
  • public safety is not isolated
  • we can solve more than one problem at a time

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