Election excitement!

Election Day Tuesday, May 18!

For those of you going to the polls in person, 2 weeks from yesterday, 13 days left.

For those of you mailing or drop-boxing, even less.

Here’s a bit of timely hype from Council candidate Kiera Wilhelm (as well as a shameless, barely tolerable plug for herself just on the borderline of the strict Gadfly Enterprises non-partisan editorial guidelines!)


Thank you, Kiera.

Please get out to vote.

Not too many people do in the off-beat elections that determine our local leadership.

Need we remind you that every vote counts. Think of the tight state-wide elections last November. Think of the close run-off election in Georgia that has made such a difference in the Congressional landscape.

Gadfly has heard Councilman Colon say that his first election was decided by a mere 17 votes. Yiii!

Your vote counts!

Find Bethlehem May 2019 election summary totals here:


Find your May 2019 Bethlehem precinct tally here. This is Gadfly’s precinct. Will Carpenter lost in my precinct by a mere 5 votes.


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