Martin Tower developer reminds Council that “tax revenues are an equally important consideration”

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A Martin Tower developer text amendment is on the agenda for City Council tonight.

After some “interrogation” by City Council at a Public Hearing on April 20, the developer sent a letter to Council in preparation for tonight’s discussion and vote.

Gadfly sent you that letter in the last post.

Gadfly was a long-time writing teacher, so he’s attuned to the way people frame arguments.

The last, the climactic point in that letter supporting their proposal reminds Council of the tax gold mine that’s in store for the City: “Although there were no comments or questions during the public hearing [April 20] regarding the current and projected tax revenues, I feel that tax revenues are an equally important consideration.”

Which is not so subtle pressure to approve the proposal.

O, by the way . . .

O, lest we forget . . .

The headline in Sara’s article in today’s lehighvalleylive is “Martin Tower plans could generate $2.7M in local taxes. But first the zoning needs to change.”

The headline says it all.

Classic confrontation.

Change the zoning, and you get $2.7m.

Council was pretty tough on the developers April 20.

Let see what happens tonight.

(The lvl story is “subscriber exclusive,” and I can’t get it. I must not have paid the bill! If someone could provide the gist of the article, it would be appreciated.)

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