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Caution: Gadfly asks you to take note. The Gadflys did “mail-in” voting in November. And signed up to do so henceforth. About a month ago he received a letter from the local elections folk. Gadfly glanced at it quickly, noting a section at the bottom to fill out if he did not want to do mail-in again this time.

Gadfly saw the letter as an opportunity to bail out if he wanted.

Wanting to mail-in again, however, Gadfly put the letter aside to throw out.

Oops, he picked the letter up again just now and read it more thoroughly.

Sure, I could fill out the bottom of the front page of the letter and return it if I wanted to change my status and do in-person voting.

But I had to fill out the back of the form and return it if I wanted to remain “mail-in.”

I hadn’t noticed that. Careful you won’t make the same mistake.

By the way, we’ll be getting those mail-in ballots soon.

Are you giving all the candidates a chance?

from City Councilman Michael Colón
April 18
Last year we had record turnout for the presidential election but are you ready to vote in your local primary a month from today? Here in Bethlehem the May 18 primary will very likely decide our next mayor and also elect four city council persons. My name isn’t on a ballot but my first election was decided by a 17 vote margin in case you don’t think your vote matters. Below are some useful links:

Register to vote *May 3 deadline*…/VoterRegistrationA…

Request a mail-in ballot *Request by May 11*…/Mail-and-Absentee-Ballot.aspx

Check your voter registration status…/voterregistrations…

Northampton County Elections Office – 610-829-6260
Lehigh County Elections Office – 610-782-3194

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