Remember, BAPL Swifts panel tonight! The surprise, special guest is . . .

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The Swifts are the official City Bird of Bethlehem
They need your help


“Emma’s like our own Greta Thunberg with a smile.”

Added recently to tonight’s panel is Freemansburg Elementary 4th grader Emma Huertas, a member of Jennie Gilrain’s class (see creative work by the students in the current issue of Sustainability Lehigh Valley) that has taken the Swifts under their wing, so to speak.

“When swifts fly, it’s like a paintbrush gliding through the air. . . . When the Chimney Swifts are flying it’s like a princess is dancing in a ballroom,
because it is super dainty and elegant!”


 streamed on Bethlehem Area Public Library’s YouTube channel


Modeling a Solution of Cooperation between Conservation and Development: A Panel Discussion, 4/21, 7PM

John Noble, Developer and property owner of Masonic Temple and Wilbur Mansion

Peter Saenger, Ornithologist, Lehigh Valley Audubon Society, President

Lynn F. Rothman, Environmental Scientist, Bethlehem Environmental Advisory Council, Chair

Karen Beck Pooley, Professor of Practice, Director of Environmental Policy, Lehigh University

Scott Burnet, Chair of the Habitat Committee of the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society

Emma Huertas, 4th grade student at Freemansburg Elementary School

Breena Holland (moderator), Professor of Political Science and the Environmental Initiative, Lehigh University

Save Our Swifts

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