Every town needs a Gadfly

“Every town needs a Gadfly.”

It’s official.

Gadfly #OO gave 30 days notice today.

Moving out May 19, the day after the primary election.

Voting is the essence of democracy.

Been spending a lot of time supporting all the candidates.

Will continue to do so. God love ’em all for stepping up. For the courage to enter the “arena.”

One of the Gadfly missions has been to help people to be the best informed voters they can be.

Hoping for great public participation May 18.

May 19 will be closure.

Three years. 3000 posts.

A time to walk away.

But every town needs a Gadfly.

I hope someone(s) will take over the role, either with this blog or a new one.

This one is available. Gadfly will continue to fund the WordPress platform for a year or two or three as incentive.

Someone(s) can step in without missing a beat.

I have never really thought of this as “my” blog.

The “Bethlehem Gadfly” is an attitude not a person.

It’s a fair, loving, nonpartisan (as much as humanly possible in this fallen world) eye and voice on “City Hall.”

(or should be)

It’s institutional memory.

It’s a channel through which thoughtful resident voices can be heard, amplified, and archived.

Every town needs a Gadfly.

Don’t let Gadfly headquarters go dark May 19.

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