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Alliance for Sustainable Communities Lehigh Valley

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Sustainable Lehigh Valley
Spring 2021

Gadfly recommends curling up with the beautifully done Spring 2021 issue of Sustainable Lehigh Valley this dreary. rainy Sunday afternoon.

From its acknowledgment of the Lenni Lenape, on whose original land we now live,
to the directory of organizations whose mission it is to maintain our heritage,
you’ll find essays, poems, art work by local talent that wrap you in the Alliance’s vision of “a sustainable, regenerative society, based upon enduring wisdom and
careful stewardship.”

“As spring seeps into our valley, we’re reminded we’ve been living for more than a year now in this liminal, pandemic-induced reality. It exposed our societal weaknesses, exacerbated already-existing disparities, and pushed the climate emergency to the back burner — making it increasingly clear that we need to commit ourselves to creating an equitable, healthy, and sustainable post-pandemic society. While the gravity and existential nature of our problems can be overwhelming, we need not look further than the contents of these pages for hope and optimism about our future — and it’s encouraging to see that so many people are informed about the various economic, environmental, and social issues we’re facing.”

Tara Fitzpatrick


The Alliance welcomes contributions to future issues of Sustainable Lehigh Valley from student to senior.

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