Mayoral Candidate Grubb Supports Callahan Proposal

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Mayoral Candidate Grubb Supports Callahan Proposal

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Mayoral candidate Dana Grubb supports Councilperson Bryan Callahan’s proposal to use part of the $33.7 million federal COVID relief funds to reverse the impact of the 5% real estate tax increase imposed by the City of Bethlehem’s 2021 budget. Grubb also feels that some of the COVID funding should be used to restore the four firefighter positions that were eliminated in that budget.

“I disagreed with the combination of tax increase, firefighter cuts, and the introduction of a stormwater tax during the pandemic, at a time when many residents are hurting financially,” says Grubb. “Some on City Council, like their constituents, were probably severely impacted by the pandemic, so I would think they would support their colleague’s proposal, which is an avenue for healing.”

Grubb feels that public meetings to solicit input from residents should be incorporated into the decision making process for the allocation of the COVID relief funding.

“The pandemic compels us to be our best selves, to come together to help each other and listen to each other,” Grubb notes. “The residents come first. City officials should be looking out for them: not adding to their burden, but easing it.” He adds that the COVID funding provides city government an avenue to help alleviate some of the hardship that came to everyone as a result of the pandemic.

Media contact: Deborah Courville, Campaign Manager DGFM and 570-996-7534

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