For the record, the interchange between mayoral candidates about a lie

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ref: Mayoral candidates Reynolds and Grubb introduce themselves to LV4ALL

Gadfly told you that there was a bit of the back and forth, a bit of the give and take between mayoral candidates Reynolds and Grubb at the April 6 meeting of Lehigh Valley for All.

He will present those interchanges in posts over the next few days.

But, first, a bit of a tempest has blown up in local social media about candidate Reynolds’ claim that candidate Grubb lied about not soliciting endorsements from City Council members.

As far as Gadfly can tell, at least some people engaged in the tempest making have not heard the interchange and are curious about it.

Here it is:

Candidate Reynolds:

The best that my opponent has as far as a vision is complaining about something that happened in 2011. So, I can tell you, and once again I guess I would say look at my colleagues. And if you take a look at Dr. Van Wirt and Councilman Colon. and Councilman Colon, and Councilwoman Negron, like they are all supporters of mine, and they are also people my opponent went to for support, and they said no because of his negativity and his vision.

Candidate Grubb:

I did not go to any elected officials looking for endorsements — at all.

Candidate Reynolds:

That’s a lie, but I’m going to let that go.

One thought on “For the record, the interchange between mayoral candidates about a lie

  1. I’m still waiting on the confirmation surrounding this issue? Did I miss that?
    If he’s lying that’s a real problem, if J William is ……. welp

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