Mayoral candidate J. William Reynolds visits the EAC: the CAP will touch everything

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J. William Reynolds for Mayor

“The CAP has the potential to transform the City . . . The CAP is going to
revolutionize everything we do.”
Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council, April 1, 2021

  • announces release of Climate Action Plan April 12
  • the original idea was that the EAC could be doing things that we weren’t seeing in other parts of the City
  • after November 16 we saw more people wanting to get involved in building a more sustainable Bethlehem
  • the CAP is really going to put Bethlehem on the map as far as sustainability is concerned
  • the CAP will provide a roadmap for our future
  • the CAP has the potential to transform the City
  • we’re going to fight for a director of sustainability
  • the CAP will help create equitable solutions for our community
  • the CAP will create a permanent structure of activists, groups, citizens, city government that can be immediately mobilized
  • we need to hope that the state, the federal government, and the region take the lead on some of these issues
  • the CAP is going to revolutionize everything we do as a City
  • the CAP will be connected with neighborhood revitalization, walkability, development, transportation — will touch everything
  • the EAC will be involved in fund seeking

“We all should be smiling at the City taking on the issue of climate action at the local level.”

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