Mayoral candidate Dana Grubb visits the EAC: the environment’s in his DNA

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Dana Grubb for Mayor

“I’m an avid hiker, trail bicyclist, and nature photographer. The environment is kind of part of my DNA. My experiences in nature will kind of shape the manner in which I will approach environmental betterment and preservation and address the impact of climate change as the next mayor.”

Bethlehem’s Environmental Advisory Council, April 1, 2021

  • his opponent ignored EAC advice on Martin Tower: “duplicitous political opportunism”
  • will propose an heightened awareness and provide realistic achievable solutions for businesses and residents

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  • will ask EAC what resources it needs to better achieve its goals
  • will ask EAC to identify gaps in the Climate Action Plan and prioritize elements in it
  • will re-establish Department of Parks and Recreation to focus attention on regular maintenance of valuable resources
  • will advance legislation for electric charging stations
  • will foster solar panels on large scale buildings
  • will foster onsite parking with energy stations at warehouses to reduce engine idling
  • will seek to limit density, height, and mass on infill development
  • will curtail demolition in historic districts
  • will consider impact of development on a large variety of issues; traffic, dirt, noise, massive buildings, air quality
  • will make preserving quality of life a top priority: walking, biking, feasibility study of pedestrian bridge
  • will, where practical, convert city fleet to renewable fuel
  • will encourage use of biodegradable containers. elimination of single use bags
  • will pursue opportunity for federal funding under American Jobs Plan
  • will draw on experience gained from wide travel

“I have traveled widely and seen the ways in which other cities and other countries have tackled the growing concerns of environmental impacts and climate change. I will seek fresh ideas to achieve a healthier, cleaner, and less detrimental environment as part of my strategy to position Bethlehem as a leader in environmental and climate change initiatives.”

Candidate Reynolds’ presentation coming next . . .

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