“CJ is responsible for his own death”

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Bob Davenport is PA born and raised for 25 years. Now a retired railroad (but not the man at the throttle) Engineer, a CE graduate of Lehigh U,  a Catholic attending daily mass and praying for a better world without apparent success. An optimist.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; in this case the cure was lead.  I don’t blame the officers.  They have a right to protect themselves, and they were backed into a corner. The outcome was predictable once CJ selfishly made the decision to die. The ones who protest this action should sign up to be on call when the next incident occurs and give it a try to do better. Fortunately, CJ took nobody else with him, but the officers who shot will undoubtedly be affected.

What we need is cowboys as portrayed in the fifties who could shoot quickly and always manage to shoot a gun out of someone’s hands, unless the guy was evil, and then he died instantly. Those bullets must have been “smart” bullets.  Alas, this was real not scripted. CJ is responsible for his own death; he chose others to do it for him.

A prayer for all involved.

A similar incident occurred in Atlanta. The film clip is shorter but more intense: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/georgia-tech-student-activist-shot-dead-campus-police-n802146

An alternative solution may be to start shooting before police think they are in mortal danger, so they can aim for extremities rather than the core. Can you see a problem with that?

These situations are similar to those faced by the military under rules of engagement which were in effect during my time and place in Viet Nam. There were rules that were to be followed before you could use your weapon, which in my situation was kept in an arms room until I might need it. I remember my thoughts that one with a knife had to get very close before you “could” take an action. Indeed when do you get to make a him or me decision?

Drugs being involved is also a common situation. Who knows what impaired people are going to do. There was a situation that was called police brutality because an officer emptied his pistol into someone who attacked him. The answer was “he kept coming.” I heard the .45 cal pistol was used in the military because of the drug-fueled combatants in the Philippines. The round would stop an attacker even if his brain did not get the message that he was hurt. Who wants to be a police officer?

Spiderman and his web may be effective in certain situations, but reality usually precludes anything but a difficult life-and-death decision by a cop, often complicated by the desire of police to protect one another, which may initiate the trigger response even earlier.

If we could turn machine operators into mental health professionals and pay for their services, unemployment would disappear.


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  1. Wow. Lets clear up a few not so common misconceptions. The cure for depression will never be a pound of lead; As a trained and licensed mental health professional with nearly 30 years experience I can assure there are double digits of people waiting in the wings for this antiquated system of ours to put the correct people in the position to help people like CJ rather than murder them. In cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis and even Harrisburg its already happening, this is not the wild wild wet; as much as it seems some are longing for those days.
    I find it completely ludicrous that I should not be able to find a supposedly “highly trained force of professionals”; who are paid on average $81,802 a year to protect and serve; at all accountable when not a single one can figure out how to handle a despondent teenager. Seems like a lot of wasted money on training to me, clearly noone on the scene that day was paying attention at class.
    Lastly; can we try our best to refrain from demonizing victims because some of are stuck in the antiquated and disproved as a lie “War on Drugs”? All anyone knows is a glass pipe was at the scene, medical cannabis is legal in this state, recreational cannabis is legal in most others and there is zero medical evidence to prove that CJ was under the influence of anything else. Unless of course; we would like to have an open discussion about what the officers who fired their guns were under the influence of.
    A shameful discourse indeed.

  2. One other question for “Bob.” Did you notice the hands up in the air while being shot? Your logic throughout is sorely lacking.

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