City presents draft report on Southside historic core

The latest in a series of posts on the Southside

Seems like a lot of Southside planning going on these days. Which is good. Your tax dollars at work.

Gadfly has tried to cover all the meetings. Click Southside on the right-hand sidebar and scroll backwards to come up to speed.

The City held a public meeting Thursday night April 1 to present the draft of a report on the historic core.

The meeting was well attended (c. 50), but, parenthetically, there were complaints about the meeting not being well publicized. Attendees complained of learning about the meeting late or by chance. Maybe some interested parties did not learn of the meeting at all. The City promised to work on better communication.

Here are a few of the slides from the beginning of the City presentation (sorry, bound to cause eye strain, I know): a summary of a resident survey, identifying concerns to balance, and culminating in the ever growing attention to affordable housing.

Gadfly will come back and focus on what he’s now hearing referred to at meeting after meeting as “the elephant in the room”: building height.

Notice that under consideration in addressing the “serious concerns” about affordable housing is offering the developer the incentive of increased building height.




to be continued . . .

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