Bethlehem Food Co-Op announces its store location at 250 E. Broad!

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Bethlehem Food Co-Op

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“Our food Co-Op is not just about opening a grocery store. Our Co-Op is about
strengthening our local food economy and bringing fresh, local, culturally
aware, and affordable food to an area and people who want and deserve it.”
Kelly Allen, BFC Board Chair

250 E. Broad St.

The Bethlehem Food Co-Op has signed a lease for the first floor of a brand-new 4-story building at 250 E. Broad St. The top three floors will be apartments. The BFC will have a spacious interior space and ample parking.

Can you picture the location? Old timers might remember the present building, if Gadfly is not mistaken, as housing a car dealer back in the day. It’s slightly west (toward downtown) of the intersection of Broad and Linden and across the street from Connell Funeral Home.

250 E. Broad St.

Listen here to BFC Board member Elliott Nolter review the history of the site search for a building location, the collaborators on the site selection and design, and something about the design itself.

So the next step is for current BFC members to stop by and take a look at the site and for prospective members to stop by as well and talk with a BFC rep about joining.

See the next post for details about an event today Saturday at the site for gawking and talking.

Bethlehem Food Co-Op

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