Martin Tower site: “we want it done the right way”

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“This tract of land is something we take very serious and we want it
done the right way,”

Planning Commission chair Melosky

ref: The Martin Tower site — almost two years later
ref: Martin Tower addendum
ref: Martin Tower developers request parking limitation exception at Planning this afternoon
ref: The tweaking of the Martin Tower site plan begins

As Gadfly said last time, the Martin Tower site developer is looking to begin construction within a year, and we will be entering a stage of consideration of a series of tweak requests.

Many followers have intense interest in the site, and, as far as Gadfly could see, the issues last night were not of substantial consequence.

And Planning Commission chair Melosky was anxious to keep the focus of discussion just on the agenda items and not move afield.

Resident Scott Slingerland, however, had previously sent the PC a letter with, apparently, topics that we would consider of interest and concern.

Scott has said he will send me a copy of his letter, and I will share it when he does.

But in the meantime you might want to listen to the interchange during public comment at Thursday’s meeting  among Scott, chair Melosky, and developer Ronca.

We surely will want to be skeptical, but chair Melosky and developer Ronca were kind of falling over each other to be agreeable.

Scott mentioned the “car-centric” site plan and referenced walking, biking, public transit. He mentioned the trail connection in the back of the property and whether there was a traffic study on Eaton Ave. with impact on the Monocacy Way Trail. He mentioned the amount of asphalt coverage.

The response was these were “all good discussion points,” “all good things to look at down the road,” things that Commission members were “passionate about,” and certainly everybody “appreciated your passion.”

Mr. Ronca said issues like the trail were already discussed with the City and that there would be 50% less traffic on the site than there was when Martin Tower was in operation.

Commission member Malozzi told Scott to “stay tuned” and to “re-issue his letter” at times in the future.

We will stay tuned.

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