The Police Department gets a new look

Latest in a series of posts about the Bethlehem Police

Bethlehem Police Department 2021 Reorganization Chart
Public Safety Committee meeting, March 2, 2021

For better images of the charts, click the “Reorganization Chart” link above.

At the Public Safety Committee meeting March 2, our Chief Kott laid out her new organizational structure for the police department.

The old structure can be found here: divisions of Police Administration, Professional Standards, Patrol, and Criminal Investigation.

Here is the new structure: Administration, Patrol, and Support Services.

In her presentation to Council, Chief Kott gave special emphasis to the new “Support Services” division shown here, which is broken down into Criminal Investigation, Community Services, and Traffic and School Safety:

In an interesting analogy, Chief Kott likened the relationship between the Patrol division and the new Support Services division as the relationship between the Emergency Room and Specialty Practices in a hospital setting.

The Chief’s full presentation is written out on the reorganization chart document linked above and can heard on the meeting video.

Gadfly will return later to capture some of the discussion after the Chief’s presentation.

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