Meeting on affordable housing March 23

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
6:00 PM – Town Hall

Community Development Committee Meeting
Subject:  Affordable Housing

Gadfly is pleased to call especial attention to this meeting on this subject that was announced at City Council Tuesday night.

He has heard the chant “We need affordable housing” constantly over the past three years of his tenure.

Councilwoman Crampsie Smith seems to have taken hold of this issue, and things are starting to move, though Councilman Reynolds counseled at the meeting that the issue is complicated.

Gadfly thinks we should make sure to attend and to take every opportunity we can to make sure Council knows this is a priority.

One thought on “Meeting on affordable housing March 23

  1. Complicated partly by the fact that cities are ambivalent about gentrification — gentrified housing and upscale shops ‘look nice’ and greatly increase tax ratables, while displacing people with lower incomes.

    While it may not be the intent, in practice this often results in minorities being displaced by upper-middle-class whites.

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