Mayoral candidate Grubb: the importance of management experience

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Dana Grubb for Mayor

Dana Grubb
February 27

Dana Grubb is running for Mayor to best serve the residents of Bethlehem, not because he is a political insider or an aspirant to higher office. As a former construction worker, he understands the value of and necessity for building a strong foundation, so that the City and its citizens can rise from strength to strength.

In Dana’s twenty-seven years of City service he learned that one way ‘a better Bethlehem’ begins is with a common sense approach to management, reorganization, and efficiency within City Hall. This translates to a respected, motivated, and fairly-treated staff. Such a staff is then the basis for responsive, efficient and effective interaction between City employees and the residents they work for.

Dana Grubb is the ONLY candidate for Mayor with management experience, having had nearly 100 employees reporting to him when he was both Acting Director of Community and Economic Development and Deputy Director of Community Development. Dana knows how to hold others, as well as himself, accountable, and understands that fair treatment, equal opportunity and a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, favoritism and workplace intimidation are key to an administration’s success.

These are among the reasons that two former City Councilpersons and sixteen former city administrators, with an aggregate of nearly 420 years of service to the residents of Bethlehem, have endorsed his candidacy for Mayor!

Dana Grubb for Mayor

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