A new home for the Swifts at First Pres

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The Swifts are the official City Bird of Bethlehem
They need your help


On a grayish, blustery March 1 afternoon, Gadfly visited the Chimney Swift Tower that Elijah Sivick built for his Eagle Scout project.

It’s on a still snow-covered tract on the north side of the First Presbyterian Church on Center Street.

The Swifts, as Gadfly and his followers now know and as Elijah wrote in his project report, have been “designated as Near Threatened since 2010” and “have experienced a 70%+ decline over the last 50 years.”

The First Presbyterian chimneys “are unable to be sufficiently cleaned with the amount of swifts currently occupying them,” said Elijah in his proposal, and so “the swifts require a new home, and a tower must be constructed in order for the swifts to begin leaving.”

We don’t want to lose those Swifts.

Residents in nearby Kirkwood Village report fondly watching the Swifts at the Church site for years and years. Just like good neighbors.

Elijah’s project was designed to help to start the Swifts migrating from the Church to the tower.

A saving act just like Jennie Gilrain initiated at the Masonic Temple.

Elijah’s tower was completed last November.

Such Scout projects by Elijah and Emily exemplify for us that there is ample know-how  available to spur much more in the way of constructing habitats to help protect the Swifts, which are now our official Bethlehem City bird.

We’re keeping alive Councilman Colon’s suggestion that Swift towers could be erected in our parks perhaps as Scout projects to educate the public on the value of the Swifts.

Tip o’ the hat to Elijah!


A reminder that we’re still in need of funds for the Masonic Temple chimney project

April is comin’

Save Our Swifts

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