Bethlehem police & DA charge Bethlehem Gang Members with Torturing and Killing a Gang Friend

Latest in a series of posts in the wake of the George Floyd murder

Bud Hackett is a Bethlehem resident who raised 4 kids in the City. He recently became very interested in quality of life issues in the city and hopes to offer a balance to the approach City Council is taking.

This report is adapted from a 2-4-21 story by Lehigh Valley Ramblings

ref: Recent news about troublesome “first contact” situations involving the police


Here is a picture of the Bethlehem resident that tortured and killed a fellow gang member by lighting him on fire while still alive and killing him in a dumpster.

Imagine what it was like for the witnesses and Bethlehem Police who found the victim burning and still screaming in the dumpster.

That must have been quite a “first contact.”

Alkiohn Dunkins
photo from Lehigh Valley Ramblings

The Bethlehem gang torture/murder took place on April 24, 2018, at the Parkhurst Apartments complex in Bethlehem. Northampton County DA announced the arrest on 2-4-21.

Mr. Dunkins’ co-conspirators, Yzire Jenkins Rowe, 22, and Miles Harper, 21, were already charged with the homicide

The Bethlehem-based gang is called Money Rules Everything (MRE) and originated in the Marvine and Pembroke housing development.

The victim Mr. Holmes “could be heard screaming at a high pitch,” and witnesses could see movement while he was engulfed in flames.

Dunkins stabbed Holmes outside Parkhurst apartments. He directed his co-conspirators to douse Holmes with gasoline and set him afire.

Does the Bethlehem community know and understand the violence that is taking place among the gangs in our community?

Is the police work to stop the violence and protect our citizens a worthy pursuit?

How has Mr. Gadfly’s continued campaign to “defund the police” impacted that effort?


3 thoughts on “Bethlehem police & DA charge Bethlehem Gang Members with Torturing and Killing a Gang Friend

  1. Bud, you continue to not understand. The idea is to make “policing” more efficient through innovative funding. That could include funding other than directly to police to curb violence. Understand?

  2. Just imagine if we had fully funded schools, initiatives that funded mental health services in communities so that folks could get treatment where they live from people who look like them, speak their language and understand their culture, what if we were paying people a livable wage so single mom’s didn’t have to work 3 jobs just to keep a roof over their head……. thats how we stop stop gangs Bud. We don’t wait until after a violent incident and then hope some detective is lucky enough to get a lead FROM THE COMMUNITY to “solve” this very confusing crime. There’s nothing confusing about it. So yes. We defund the police and put the money where we can prevent crime and not continue to chase it.

  3. Michele, please stop contributing to the use of the word, “defunding.” Use something such as “revising” or “reshaping.” Or something else. If the word, “defunding” is used to describe funding to cover other ways to perform police work, then you are not “defunding.” Don’t let people get you in the wrong argument.

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