Freemansburg Elementary 4th graders support the Swifts

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Jennie Gilrain taught a science lesson on habitat loss and its effect on the survival of species using our local Chimney Swifts as an example, and her excited students — some of whom are pictured here — wrote letters to Mayor Donchez and City Council. Click on the students’ names to see their full letters.

Please make the Chimney Swift the Bird of Bethlehem. Then people will notice the Chimney Swift and think, “Maybe this bird is really special, and I should help it.”

The swifts’ feet can’t grip onto tree branches. So when the chimneys are gone, they can’t rest in the trees, and they keep flying until they die.

We are the next generation, so thank you for making this city a better place to live in for us and the swifts.

When swifts fly, it’s like a paintbrush gliding through the air. . . . When the Chimney Swifts are flying it’s like a princess is dancing in a ballroom, because it is super dainty and elegant!

Chimney Swifts are in rapid decline. . . . This makes me sad because I care about the birds. I want you to care about the birds too.

Please save our birds. Chimney Swifts are beautiful. When they go into the chimney, it looks like a tornado.

I hope you have enough time to think about saving the Chimney Swifts. Please save our Chimney Swifts.

progress on the chimney

Chimney Swifts are the most beautiful birds when they work together; and if you care about beauty, then chimney swifts will help you make Bethlehem a more beautiful place.

They are almost extinct. They are dying. . . . Please.

They are not going to be able to nest, and they are going to be cold. . . . please hear me out.

I love the swifts very much. I don’t want to hurt them. I want them to have a home. So please protect the swifts because they are part of our community.

Chimney swifts are beautiful, and they deserve homes like we do.

I think chimney swifts are cute.

Swifts are part of our city’s history and have been living here for a long time. They are part of our family, so we should be nice to them.

I want you to put up chimneys for all the Chimney Swifts to live in. You should do this because you’re my friend, and I’m your friend.

photos by Gilrain and C Noble, art work by Audobon


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