“We are begging you” . . .”We’re sort of in desperate straits right now”

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Gadfly has always said he loves your voices.

That has limits.

It hurts to amplify these voices.

In addition to the Borderline owner, two prominent Northside downtown business owners called in to City Council last night to ask for relaxation of the open container laws that would enable them to sell alcoholic drinks to customers who could then walk around with them socializing and shopping during the holiday season. They are now allowed to sell take-out, take home drinks, but they are asking for so-called open container permission, such as happens at Musik-Fest and other kinds of events.

They know such support would not solve their problems.

But they are desperadoes, begging and beseeching for any kind of help.

Apollo Grille (2 mins.):

  • Our downtown businesses are drowning.
  • Anything that can be done on the City of Bethlehem’s part to help us, to rescue us . . . would be greatly appreciated.
  • Holiday season . . . relaxation . . . would help us significantly.
  • [small business, keeping employees, washing own windows, sweeping own sidewalks]
  • It would have impact on businesses that are suffering so much right now.
  • Anything you can do . . . please, we are begging you.

McCarthy’s (3 mins.):

  • I personally laid off 3/4’s of my staff on Friday . . . I was in tears.
  •  . . . allow people to walk around with a drink, it might help.
  • We’re sort of in desperate straits right now.
  • We’re kind of on our last legs.
  •  . . . holding on by the skin of our teeth.
  • Anything the City could do would be helpful.
  • I beseech you, please, consider doing this.
  • It’s ok at Musik-Fest, so why wouldn’t it be ok in December or January?

This specific issue of open containers occasioned significant discussion at the Council meeting.

Next post.

Continue to think about what you would do if you were in charge.

to be continued . . .

One thought on ““We are begging you” . . .”We’re sort of in desperate straits right now”

  1. This is one of those ‘no brainer’ questions — What is the point of an open-container ban anyway?

    There probably nothing in Bethlehem that exceeds Musikfest in promoting alcohol consumption, and they waive it for those 10 days — why not every day, all year‽ Ordinances and statutes against public drunkenness and disorderly contact would still remain in effect.

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