A morning moment of silence

Latest in a series of posts on the coronavirus

Gadfly has always been acutely aware of the pandemic: age and household vulnerabilities.

But especially since the virus moved in next door, as he reported to you the other day.

So he begins today with the Mayor’s report at Council last night on the status of the virus in town.

Which includes 85 deaths, an average age of 37 in recent cases, and 45% of recent cases Latino (Bethlehem Latino population = 30%).

Listen to these and other statistics as well as vaccine info (1.5 mins.):

Councilwoman Crampsie Smith suggested a moment of silence for our 85 dead, and President Waldron called for that moment at the end of the meeting.

In a real sense this silence, a time when nothing was said, should be thought of as the most important part of the meeting.

Let’s join with the Council folk in a wider community member moment of silence to start our day:

Something to think about, we who are lucky, as we shovel out today and tomorrow . . .


One thought on “A morning moment of silence

  1. Some very sobering data; my sincere hope is that folks won’t let the advent of a vaccine on the horizon cause them to become careless over these next few months. It will be until end of summer, best case scenario, until the threat is diminished

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