Good reading on the climate emergency on the day our CAP draft comes out!

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If you are worried about the growing climate emergency (which will kill far more people than the coronavirus), you might want to read these two items:
Peter Crownfield

One thought on “Good reading on the climate emergency on the day our CAP draft comes out!

  1. Don’t understand Climate Change? Distrusting in general? Refuse to be grifted?

    Having some familiarity with the lack of understanding and belief about Climate Change, I have shown this sincere and adroit logic argument as an attempt to reach distrustful deniers and indecisive individuals that remain in the face of the complex, multi-stepped science, political peer pressure, and devious misinformation campaigns.

    This goes around all of that.

    (At bottom) this video it is aptly titled and self-described as simplified to reach the young and dubious alike. Understand the model and then “fill it in for yourself”, honestly.

    After all, while the Covid pandemic is an undeniable modern health and Civil Rights catastrophe, it pales in comparison to the potential long term catastrophic impacts of Climate Change.

    Having said that, I put Climate Change right next to Civil Rights in its importance, but not above it, because without the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, we are nothing anyway.

    * “The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See”:

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