“We have the information and the ability to do better”

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speaking of statistics

ref: What’s missing in LVGNA’s march to victory?

Much appreciate the work Gadfly; the need for this conversation is pretty apparent if one does believe that there are over 1000 neighbors “supporting” the fear mongering being driven by the so-called good Neighbors Assoc.

To stick to facts over 50% of Americans believe that policing needs a major over all while only 6% believe no improvements are needed.

Gallup usually gets this stuff fairly close to right I think we would all agree (https://news.gallup.com/poll/315962/americans-say-policing-needs-major-changes.aspx).

But more than that; there are concrete examples actually happening all across the country.

Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and now the newly elected LA prosecutor George Gascon (https://www.wfmz.com/news/crime/new-la-prosecutor-ends-cash-bail-for-many-offenses/article_7451be42-206c-5537-93bb-0e4aa7304b6d.html); revolutionizing the way we see policing, eradicating cash bail, re-evaluating 3 strikes cases and the ceasing of charging juveniles as adults.

All of these structural changes are supported by data; not rhetoric, not feelings nor a desire to cling to days gone by.

The only excuse Bethlehem has to not follow the ingenuity of those leading the way is fear.  Not good enough. We have the information and the ability to do better.

Michele Downing

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