Let’s do the responsible thing

Latest in a series of posts in the wake of the George Floyd murder

ref: Lots for Council to think about


Having said the above, and being quite ignorant on the reasoning behind defund/abolish, the June ‘20 NY Times essay, link below, explains the argument for “why.”


Have you educated yourself before publishing or speaking an angry, disbelieving, rant to the contrary?

Council, have you lead from a more informed position that this essay and that Professor Ochs’ full data could provide?

Four HUNDRED years of trauma and damage and its legacy are not overcome in . . . well, it’s been 400 YEARS! For most of us, it has been many fewer, NOT to our credit. Not entirely against it, either. (When one part suffers . . . 1 Corinthians 12:26, right?)

Let’s do the responsible thing: ACTUALLY HAVE A THOROUGH DEBATE, INFORMED BY SCIENCE, DEEP THOUGHT and MORALITY until the end of which we can agree. (Rather than spout anecdotes or exasperation like “That’s crazy! And I don’t have the time!”)

‘Cause our neighbors, all human beings, all flawed, all worthy of compassion, are suffering.

Greg Zahm

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